Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dinosaur Boy

"For me!! Oh thank you Grandma."

Little brother to two of the musketeers. The purple musketeer is his mom/my daughter. He was just thrilled with his dinosaur pajamas. Makes a grandma feel good. I think pajamas is on the Christmas list (that's what mom wants). I will need to get on that when I get home.

The Three Muskateers

The Three Muskateers are ready for Halloween in plenty of time. And I am flying back home tomorrow. It has been a busy week sewing but it is all done. I even got the mending done and some curtains hemmed for my son. My biggest problem was that I didn't have my serger. When you have had a serger as long as I have you think you can't sew if you don't have a serger. I had to keep reminding myself these where just costumes.

The Purple Muskateer

The Blue Muskateer

The Pink Muskateer

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Preppy Skirt

Just finished this skirt. It turned out real cute. It is hard to see how cute the plaid is in the picture. I got the fabric at Walmart for $1.97 per meter. The $1.97 fabric is always fiber content unknown so you take your chances sometimes but I am always looking for a bargain. I pre-washed it and it came out ok but it does need ironing. Oh well!! I have enough fabric to make a couple more skirts so I guess I better get on that.